Writing residency: excellent

I’m wrapping up my week-long writing residency, and I’m so, so happy with how it’s gone. I knocked out over 16000 words of a first draft, and I’ve filled in more of the outline for the rest of the novel than I think I’ve ever done before.
Since midsummer I’ve had the goal of having a complete first draft of SOMETHING by the end of 2018. This story idea came to me exactly two weeks ago, and I thought it was a little foolish to abandon my existing work in progress and aim to get all the planning plus an entire usable first draft done in just over 2 months… but I desperately wanted to write this story. And one of my projects this year is letting my gut-level desires run the show a little more, giving myself permission to follow them even if I can’t make the case that it’s the smartest choice, even if I don’t know where it’s going to go. So, with a little encouragement from Lane, I went for it. And now it looks like I’m going to pull it off. And I’m STOKED.
I won’t be sharing snippets of the novel here until it’s in a much more advanced stage of editing, but here’s a teaser: if you enjoy both Brother Cadfael and Kushiel’s Dart, you’ll probably be into it.