Back and forward

Oh hello.

In the 17 months since I last wrote here, I’ve adjusted to a new job, bought a house, struggled with infertility, fallen in love, broken up, gotten a dog, written a sloppy first draft of a horror novel, become the president of a community chorus, finally listened to Hamilton.

So that about catches us up, yeah?

All right, a few more updates. Lane has fully moved over to his own blog, but in exchange for moving away blogfully, I’ve gotten him to move closer physically, and he’s now living mere blocks away from me. He continues to be much more prolific than I am in both blogging and fiction writing — but I’m trying to close the gap a bit.

This summer has been an adventure in re-learning how to live in my body and experience feelings, which apparently for some people just comes naturally and doesn’t need to be learned at all. I’ve cried SO much and also been ecstatically happy several times, and also started to find a sort of deeply embodied spirituality that I’m excited to keep exploring and also to write about in the future.

After three months of practice feeling things, it seems like time to start doing things. Most of the last three and a half years have been pretty much survival, and creating a little cocoon of healing, and letting my choices and actions be driven by the people that help me sustain that cocoon. Now I’m checking out what happens if I consider what I, all by myself, actually want and what I can do about it. I’m thinking about my job/career situation and how I’d like to steer that. I’ve set myself a challenge to go on one new date a month for the rest of the calendar year. I am writing things down and putting them out where people can see them.

Hi there, people. Nice to be with you again.

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