Veils and Themes

Thoughts and Stories of Lane William Maxfield

I am back home, and tired. The trip to see my brother was good. One of the goals was to see the play he produced, Veils by Tom Coash, and it was excellent. I had been working on a post about suspense, but that actually fits quite well into October’s theme about scary stories, and the play is making me itch to write something about it.

Between how mentally tired I am and how quickly this has to be done, in order to fit my four posts a month quota, this will be a short piece. That feels a bit unfair, as I think the play deserves reams of pages of praise, but a few hundred words will have to do.

Veils is about two young women in Cairo, one American and one Egyptian, one conservative and one boisterous and modern. Contrary to most American’s expectations, Samar, the Egyptian, is…

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