Is Repetition Always Bad?

Thoughts and Stories of Lane William Maxfield

One of the most acclaimed books of modern YA fiction is John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. Despite this, I somehow happened across a negative review. It was actually a fairly good negative review too. By that I mean the reviewer explained her perspective clearly, without resorting to personal attacks on John Green or his fans, and made points to support her case. At the end I still disagreed, but I also felt like I was disagreeing with an intelligent person, which is so much more pleasant than the alternative.

One of the points she made is that John Green keeps revisiting the same ideas. His protagonists bear a strong resemblance to each other, as do his love stories and their character arcs. At the time I watched the review, I had actually only read TFIOS, so every other one of his books I have looked at through the…

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Reviewing Veggie Tales as an Atheist; Larry-boy and the Rumor Weed

Thoughts and Stories of Lane William Maxfield

You know, the whole reason my parents had me watch all this stuff was so me and my siblings could grow up virtuous and pleasing unto God. When I rewatched this for my review, I was drinking a bourbon and coke while my gay boyfriend lounged totally naked on the couch. Not for any pervy reasons, it was just laundry day. Still, take that fundy upbringing!

This one, like the previous Larry-boy, scared me as a kid, but I did watch it, very bravely. Hooray for young me. It opens with Larry-boy saving two peas from an evil scallion who took their milk money. This establishes that Larry-boy is a real superhero, despite the fact that Jr. will once again be the actual day-saver.

Oh, and that Larry accidentally creates the villain by knocking a plant onto the telephone wires of a gossiping housewife.

I love how she's vaguely sinister, and yet kinda weirdly likeable. Like you should know she's trouble, but you're so gonna talk to her anyway. I love how she’s vaguely sinister…

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