My story of abuse

For years I’ve had a blog that was not secret, but not linked to any of my main blogs or social media accounts in an obvious way. I have now used that blog to write a detailed account of the abuse and sexual assault I experienced in a former relationship. I name names.

I did not write it on this blog because I don’t want some of those details to be part of the permanent history of this blog. I also don’t want this blog to be the center of the personal storm that’s brewing around my and others’ accusations of this person. But the story is there, now, for those who want to read it.

[Edited 11/2017: I have now made the linked blog, with the stories it tells, private. No particular reason for the timing… I had a feeling I might want to do this at some point in the future, and that point has come. I am still willing to share my story with most people who ask, I just don’t want it publicly on display to anyone, at any time.]