Blogs that make my day

I’m sorta sick and sorta blue, so I’m not feeling much like writing deep and thoughtful stuff, so instead I thought I’d give a shout-out to the blogs that make me happy on a sorta sick and sorta blue kind of day.

The Pervocracy – Holly is one of the best writers I read, seriously. She is witty and snappy and insightful, and if she ever decides to write a book, I will buy copies for myself and all my friends. She mostly talks about gender and sexuality stuff, and she writes about all the cultural crap that makes me angry, but does it so cleverly and humorously that all the churning rage evaporates and I just think, “Aren’t those people silly, and aren’t I glad that I and many other wonderful people have moved past that?”

Swistle – Swistle is one of the blogs I’ve been reading the longest; she’s a mom of five young ‘uns, and writes a very simple “this is my life” blog. What I love about her writing is how open and friendly she is, how she gives herself freedom to feel however she’s feeling, and in so doing gives everybody else the same freedom too. I feel like she’s a friend, and in fact yesterday, when I was deep in the new-city-no-friends blues, I spent about four hours reading her archives (all of which I’ve read before, but you know how I love to re-read) and it helped me feel less lonely.

Blag Hag – I want to be Jen McCreight when I grow up, which may be a problem because I think she’s younger than me. Anyway, she writes about atheism and feminism and sexuality, so you know why I love her. I’m pretty sure we could be great friends, which actually I think I could say about all the other writers I mention here as well.

Svutlana – Svutlana is a sex-advice blog, and the shtick is that she comes from Svutlandia, a highly sex-positive island nation where people’s values and attitudes around sex are, basically, what I wish ours were now. Very funny and refreshing.

Manboobz – This is a fairly new one for me, and it does for MRAs (look it up, prepare to weep and gnash your teeth) what Pervocracy does for sex-negative woman-hating culture in general: points out the idiocies in a way that makes me feel less “Gaaah how can I live in this stupid crazy world!” and more “Ha ha, those people are idiots, glad we’ve got a strong counter-movement.”

Yarn Harlot – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the self-titled Yarn Harlot, makes me proud to be a human being. She’s a knitter and a mum and a writer, three things I want to be, and with absolute humility and grace and a sense that she’s not doing anything special, y’know, it’s just this idea she had, she has galvanized huge masses of knitters to do amazing things, like donate over $1,000,000 and counting to Doctors Without Borders. She, and all the knitters she has inspired, are a force to be reckoned with.

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