The Conversation: a beginning

So my sibling and I, after many years of writing and chatting about the subjects that most fascinate us, decided to finally get together and write a blog.

Ginny: So, what do you think this blog should be about?
Lane: Religion, gender, philosophy, and the occasional review.
Ooh! And sex! Can’t forget about sex.
Ginny:  I never do.
Point of order: is it The Brunettes Blog (‘blog’ functioning as a verb) or The Brunettes’ Blog (‘blog’ functioning as a noun)?
Lane:  I like the former.
Ginny:  Me too. Especially since it means we’ll get the occasional grammar-nazi on our cases because they’ve misinterpreted the title. And we can then point them smugly to this very entry.
Lane:  Woot!
Also I think if I were a blog, I’d prefer to think of myself as something people create, rather than something people own.
Ginny:  Oooh… deep.
Lane:  Thank you. I was worried that made no sense at all.
Ginny:  Naw man. I think the way we view things like blogs, novels, and relationships makes a difference. And I definitely prefer all three to be things we create and sustain rather than possess and control.
Lane:  Indeed! I think that applies to most things. Do I own my car, or maintain and use it?
The latter emphasizes my responsibility. And thus is more likely to lead to a long-lasting car.
Ginny:  Interesting. I was going to say the latter decreases your sense of entitlement, keeping you continually in mind that everything you have might be taken from you at any moment.
Lane:  That too.
Ginny:  So… what say we get a short, one-sentence glimpse of your thoughts on the above topics? And mine too, of course.
Lane: Ok
Ginny:  Religion?
Lane:  It’s a social institution that fulfills some useful purposes (community, the passing on of cultural traditions, finding meaning) but does so by passing off superstitious and unverifiable ideas as absolute truth. This is problematic at best, dangerous at worst. I respect people’s right to have religious belief, but I disagree that its a good thing.
Ginny:  As mythology, interesting and fun to play with; as facts-about-the-world, generally in error and often pernicious.
Ginny: Gee, it’s a shame we disagree so strongly.
Lane:  Yeah, how is this ever going to work?
Ginny:  Not that it wouldn’t be fun to share a blog with someone we profoundly disagree with.
Lane: True. I’ll have to do that someday.
Ginny:  Anyway. Gender?
Lane:  An observation that men and women are not identical, which has been warped into frustrating stereotypes and narrow categories. I am not a fan.
Ginny:  Fucking complicated.
Lane:  Haha… Well put.
Ginny:  Philosophy?
Lane:  Chocolate for the curious mind, except without that whole overly-sugary thing. It’s magic chocolate.
Ginny:  Yeah… I was just going to say, “Yum.”
See, this is why a blog title emphasizing our differences would have been misleading.
Lane:  Right. So, last topic: Sex?
Ginny:  Fun. Endlessly fascinating in its cultural and social dynamics. And also fun.
Lane:  Unfairly stigmatized and generally awesome. I hope to have some eventually.

And there you have it: our thoughts in brief on all our favorite topics (well, all our favorite topics that aren’t story-related). We, hope you’ll stick around to see us elaborate, and to join the conversation.

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